Master Bedroom Makeover

For our first post on the new domain we have a really big one. Our Master Bedroom Makeover is finally complete. After 10 months of being married and working on redoing and redecorating, it is finally done! Well I mean I still have a few pictures to hang on the wall but hey it’s practically done!


First, let me show you what it looked like before I arrived. Tyler had been living in the house for a couple of years before we got married, so it was a total man cave.


Check that out, for curtains he had football jerseys so you probably can’t even call those curtains. So here is what we started with, no paint on the walls, a mismatch of furniture and that’s about it. We didn’t plan on the fact that we would be blogging when we started this project so the before pictures are not that great, thanks Mom for snapping a few to show the family.

Our first step in fixing up this room was to get some matching furniture. So we hit up Ikea because that’s the place for young newlyweds on a budget, right?. Here is a shot before we painted when we had the new nightstands in the room.



You can see that this room is pretty small so we really needed to open it up and get rid of some of the bulkier pieces of furniture. The Ikea furniture has been great because it looks great and is a great space saver compared to what we had. Here is a picture of the big, bulky chest that we replaced.



Forgive our messiness but you see what we were living with, broken drawers and junk that needed to be cleaned up (and it was).

The first step was painting, we used Sherwin Williams Cashmere paint, Sheffield Gray. My dad was awesome and came in August and painted almost every room in our house in 3 1/2 days. He is a pro!

After painting we slowly finished switching out our furniture and we then redid our headboard which turned out so so good.  So check out some pictures of our newly redone master bedroom!

Here is a nice shot of the headboard in our bedroom, I’m kind of in love with it.



We are sticking with a black and white theme throughout for anything that goes on the wall. My sister made these canvases for us using some of our engagement pictures.


Here is a good shot of the left side of the room, looking from the doorway (Dolly wanted to be in all the pictures).


And here is the right side of the room, notice the adorable curtains my mom made for us! The new mirror also added a lot to the room, Tyler was not so sure until we got it in there.


Another angle which gives you a better view of the curtains and a shot of the cute wedding gift from our friends Matt and Katie.


Another shot, this one is with the beautiful pillows. We had removed them before to show the headboard off.


And the last shot, this dresser replaced the big bulky brown one so you can see what a difference that made.



And there is our Master Bedroom, we love it! Such a difference and it was a pretty easy project even if it did take awhile to finish.



  1. I love the big mirror above the dresser! I’m just moving out on my own and can’t wait to decorate my place! :) Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you, I was so excited to find that mirror! Decorating is so much fun! Enjoy it! I hope you will be sharing it on your blog. Give us a follow on Facebook or Twitter and hope you will stick around to see what else we come up with!

  2. i LOVE makeovers and yours is great! love the bedding and the mirror – it just feels so much more warm and inviting. nice job!

    • Thank you so much! We really love it and the color has helped so much! Thanks for checking out the blog, hope you will come back :)

  3. Looks great! We are in the middle of a bedroom makeover as well, so I’m scouting out as many as I can find to get inspired! Those canvases with your engagement pictures are gorgeous! I popped over from The Shabby Creek Cottage–thanks for sharing!

    ~Abby =)

    • Thank you! Room makeovers are so much fun, we are really enjoying the final product. My sister did a great job with the canvases, I hope to try it myself sometime soon. Thanks for coming by, hope you will come back.

  4. that looks great, i love the wall color. the jerseys hanging were too funny.

    • Thank you so much! I know the jerseys were a hoot, I got those moved to his office quickly. Thanks for coming by, hope you will follow us on Facebook or Twitter and come back for future posts!

  5. I love love love the wall paint you choose!

    • Thank you so much! We are really enjoying it, it looks so pretty in the room! Thanks for coming by, hope you will come back!

  6. What a great makeover. Even with the darker wall color, the space looks so much bigger. I especially love the mirror. Nice job.

    • Thank you! We were so pleased with how it turned out and I love love the mirror. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you will come back and follow us on Facebook or Twitter!

  7. Love that blue color on the walls! Great makeover!

    • Thank you!! We are really enjoying it! Thanks for coming by, hope you will follow us on Facebook or Twitter!

  8. Nice work! Love the blue walls with the espresso Ikea, the place to shop for any budge!

  9. Emily, I love your space. I think my favorite part (besides all of the nice touches you added) are your ceilings! So much character! Thank you for stopping by and commenting on our Home Tour and best wishes on life in your new house next month!


  10. Stopping over from your SITS Day. Big improvement. I have almost the same color on my Master Bedroom walls.

  11. I love the b&w pictures on canvas! Personal touches can really make a room. Great job!
    Visiting from SITS today. Enjoy!

  12. Beautiful! Love the B&W for all the photographs and quotes.

  13. How sweet of your parents to help you in such practical ways. Congrats!

  14. Really cute! I wish I was that style-savvy when I first married. Love the “football” curtains–reminds me of something my husband would have had :).

  15. I love the color scheme… so cool and perfect for sleeping. Looks like your dog loves it too – beautiful! (stopping in from SITS…)

  16. I love the valance over the blinds. It looks like a cozy room that could be bright and sunny with the blinds open, too. Enjoy your SITS Day.

  17. Great transformation. Definitely an improvement from the football jersey “curtains”. :) Happy SITS Day!

  18. Wow, what a dramatic difference! I love the sleek new dressers and the paint–it looks so calm and chic. I feel like mirrors really do make a difference in a small room, too.

    Happy SITS day, BTW!!

  19. Great job! Those angled ceilings are always difficult to work around with furniture, aren’t they? You really did a fantastic job though! Thanks for posting!
    (Stopping by from SITS and glad to be here!)

  20. It looks awesome! I hope you continue to love it for a very long time.

    • We actually just moved to another state, I was sad to leave it. But we have a beautiful new Master Bedroom to work with now.


  21. Looks great – and we have those same annoying sloped ceilings. SO hard to work with but you made it awesome!

  22. That wall color looks so good with the black and whites and the dark wood. Great combo!

  23. I am looking to redecorate my room. Your post gave me some great ideals. Coming to your from SITS Girls.

  24. Such a difference! I like the accent mirror. Enjoy your SITS Day.

  25. Happy SITS Day!
    Looks great in there.
    One suggestion: Push the 2 Malm Dressers together (the ones under the TV) to make it look more uniformed and like a one piece dresser rather than it look like 2. It creates a streamlined look and therefore less cluttered.

    Keep it Touched,

    • Thank you for coming over. We’ve moved to a new house now but that is a great suggestion, unfortunately the plugs got in the way haha.


  26. WOW! That’s a great transformation. What a lovely room. :-) Isn’t it amazing how a few things can completely change a room? Good work!

    Happy SITS Day!

  27. This looks great! I love the color choice it seems so calming. Wow to the redo of the headboard. That looks amazing and like a totally different piece. Congrats on the new room and Happy SITS Day :)

  28. Love the mirror over your dresser – the room looks great!

  29. Beautiful job and really cute dog :-)

  30. We are in such need of a master bedroom makeover. Ours is horrible and we’ve been in our house for years so we have very little excuse. Love the new room! Visiting from SITS.

    • It is so much fun to do the makeover of a room and you can really do a nice one for a good price. Thank you for coming over!


  31. Wow HUGE transformation! And very beautiful! It definitely opened up the room, and it may just be the time of day, but it looks like more natural light is shining through!

    Oh, and Happy SITS day! : )

  32. Love the paint color and how well it goes with the furniture. Nice sconces too!

  33. Looks awesome….definitely needed a bit of a feminine touche in there! My husband and I have a very similar color scheme going on in our bedroom, and we actually recently changed up some of the furniture (which was very much needed). Nothing like a fresh look for a room! Happy (belated) SITS day!

    • We got new bedroom furniture just recently so now all of that is in our guest room. It is fun to change things up when you can!


  34. Hi from SITS! Very nice makeover you guys did! I must admit, before I scrolled down, I was a bit wary of the choice of paint color to open the room up, but I was pleasantly surprised! It looks great, you guys did a fantastic job!

    Your remodeling looks like something REAL people do, not those super professional interior design remodels, btw and I think that’s great. Gives hope for the rest of us!

    • Hi! Thank you for coming by and checking it out! I was wary of the color too but it turned out good! We really enjoyed the outcome!


  35. That is almost the same exact blue I put in my bathroom. Such a chic, peaceful color.

  36. Thanks so much for showing us your room makeover! I’m drooling over that wall color you used – thanks for sharing the name with us… I hope you had a wonderful SITS Day, so sorry I missed it, I got so behind after getting back from Bloggy Boot Camp in Dallas, and I’m just now starting to get my head above water!
    I love the look of your site, you did a wonderful job – great design choices! :D

  37. Vickie says:

    I LOVE that mirror. Is the frame metal?

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