5 Binge Worthy TV Shows

If you have not noticed I like to write about TV shows, I like love my shows. I have loved hearing all of the responses to my different posts, especially my post on 7 TV Shows that ended too soon. Today I am sharing with you what I think are 5 Binge Worth TV Shows. By binge worthy, I mean tv shows that you start and think oh my goodness I am not going to get anything done for the next few weeks. Or maybe you take one show on over a weekend. Or maybe you aren’t into binge watching but you just need a good show to start watching through, these are good for that too. Here goes!

1. Prison Break- I watched the entirety of this show in 2 1/2 weeks. Yes I admit it, 2 1/2 weeks. I was working as a nanny and living 12 hours away from Tyler (we were engaged at the time). I lived in a tiny town in South Georgia with a Wal-Mart and a Big Lots so the shopping was limited. So when I got hooked on this show I watched it during nap time, at night and over a couple weekends. This show will have you hooked and you won’t want to stop.

Prison Break

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2. Lost- We started watching this when I was living at home between college and my first nanny job. My dad, brother and I watched. My dad was obsessed, I think I figured out where I get it from. He’d come home and say, “let’s watch an episode before dinner.” After dinner we’d watch an episode, and then it’d be late, and he’d go, “just half an episode”, which always turned into a whole episode. The suspense, the mystery, oh you will love this show!


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3. Gossip Girl- Yes I know it’s a dramatic and ridiculous but this show is one of my guilty pleasures. Now that it has ended, and is all on Netflix, it is the perfect girly drama to binge watch on. Oh the drama of the Upper East Side. Oh, and if you don’t love Chuck well then we can’t be friends, just kidding, but really it’s Chuck Bass!

Gossip Girl

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4. Friday Night Lights- Coach Taylor, Mrs. Taylor, Tim Riggins, if you don’t know who these characters are then you need to get to watching Friday Night Lights like now. I loved this show and now I’m making myself really want to re-watch it. It’s so good.


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5. Supernatural (Tyler’s Pick)- This is Tyler’s pick as a show that he burned right through. I have yet to watch it but I guess I need to now. “I’ve got a GED and a give ‘em hell attitude” That’s a quote Tyler always laughs at. The Winchester brothers are always getting into trouble fighting off demons and fixing Dean’s car. This show is still on the air and for good reason I guess because Tyler says it is great. But there are like 8 seasons on Netflix to keep you entertained!


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So I want to know what show you would pick as binge worthy? Since winter is upon us tell me a show you’d love to curl up on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa and watch all weekend long.


  1. I was totally hooked on Prison Break for a while. But then I think we got started on another show and totally forgot about it. My husband ruined Lost by watching the last episode after we were half way through season 1 (Netflix). Thanks for sharing this!

    • Oh you should finish Prison Break, although I wasn’t a huge fan of the ending but it also made sense. Oh no that’s awful! I’d be so bummed! I loved Lost!


  2. Friday Night Lights is a show I never thought I’d watch by alas while on bed rest with my last pregnancy I watched every episode in about 2 weeks. another super bingey show is damages. If you haven’t indulged yet, you should.

  3. Grey’s Anatomy is currently my favorite past time right now! I am catching up on all the old episodes. It’s addicting!


    • I used to watch but then I gave it up because it makes me a bit of a hypochondriac. But I do love it too! I occasionally catch some of an episode and I keep up through the previews haha!


  4. I have heard that Friday Night Lights is a good one to watch. I definitly did a Netflix bender with Prison Break and Gossip Girl last winter.

    Currently we are watching Dexter. I am on Season 4 and can’t wait for the next discs to arrive!

    • Oh Dexter is one we have not watched, we might need to try it out. Prison Break and Gossip Girl are two of my favorites! Watch FNL for sure, so good!


  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lost! One of my favorites ever. Ive never watched Gossip Girl but I may give it a go. I must admit, I’m a binge watcher. Right now I’m going thru all of Ghost Whisperer on Netflix. I don’t have cable for this very reason…I’d rather binge watch, without the commercials.

    • I LOVE Lost too! I miss it! Gossip Girl is fabulous, you’ve got to check it out! I’ve not seen Ghost Whisperer, do you like it?


  6. I would add Psych to this list! It is absolutely hilarious and has a cult following! Most of the episodes are on Netflix too which is wonderful if you wanna catch up. I believe it’s in it’s 8th season now.

  7. Prison Break was on my list to watch before we canceled Netflix. We loved Friday Night Lights and watched every season. Enjoying your TV posts.

    • I loved FNL too! Prison Break is a must see. Thank you, I’m glad you are enjoying them. I’m enjoying writing them!


  8. I would add Alias since it’s my favorite show ever and also Jericho (ended far too soon). Also it’s fun to watch season of 24 all at once. Oh, and breaking bad!

    • I love Alias too. I totally should have put it on there. I’m thinking there will most likely be a part two to this cause I had a long list. I need to go thru all of 24. I’ve seen seasons here and there but not all of it!


  9. Oh, Chuck and Blair! My favorites. I laughed at Tyler’s quote–that’s classic Dean Winchester! Matt and I used to never go a day without saying “saving people, hunting things…the family business!”

    Parks and Rec is DEFINITELY a good one to watch, and I love putting on old episodes of Psych when I need a little laugh.

    • Tyler doesn’t like Chuck Bass, I tell him he’s crazy and needs to see all the seasons to like him. He didn’t buy my attempt to suck him into a Gossip Girl marathon. We need to watch Psych.


  10. So I have never watched any of these…guess I need to start catching up! Thanks for sharing!

  11. That’s funny. I actually started Friday Night Lights right after I had my baby and loved it. Then things got busy and I haven’t been able to finish. I’m definitely a binge tv show person, watch them on DVD or Netflix and stay up all night to finish the next episode.


  12. I’m currently binge-watching Scandal and I’m obsessed. I would also suggest The Vampire Diaries. People laugh but once you get past the first episode, you’ll be hooked and glued to your couch as you race through the seasons.

    ~Visiting from The Weekend reTreat~

    • We love Scandal! And the Vampire Diaries is my favorite show, I completely agree with you about getting past the first episode. I am obsessed.


  13. I am all eyes for Supernatural. I love that show!

  14. Thanks for the tips! Ever since getting NetFlix my husband and I basically just binge watch series. We watched Breaking Bad, then Weeds, and are working our way through Walking Dead now. Lost is on my list – good to know some other ones!!
    Stopping by from the In and Out of the Kitchen Party!
    Beth from Structure in an Unstructured Life

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